bryzone_ybp is a Hiphop/r&b/lofi producer from Melbourne, Australia.

He’s released several popular instrumental projects (including ‘No Complaints’ and ‘Maybe’) and featured on numerous beat compilation releases from Inner Ocean, Complex Channel, High Bias and Low Key Source (mixed by House Shoes). He’s also produced tracks for countless US, UK and Australia vocalists (including complete albums with US artists J Malik & Rod McCoy) and is a half of the duos ‘Don’t Sleep’ with Angus Younga and ‘blk.mgnolia’.

A veteran of the Melbourne beat scene, he has also won beat battles and preformed at countless Hiphop and music events throughout Australia.
As member of the producer crew ‘Lab Co’, he was the creator and curator of the ‘Mind Vibes’ beat showcase series for many years which provided another key platform for veterans of the scene to rub shoulders with up and coming artists (as recently featured on VICE).

His latest release and debut production album ‘Full Circle’ has that soulful Hiphop/r&b feel with powerful, melodic and seductive grooves warming the listener to vibe out & bop their head. It features vocalists from all around the world including Nelson Dialect, Verbz, WordUP, Honey Blue, One Sixth, Thamson.P, Willie Waze, Angus Younga and many more.

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