Whether you think hip hop is evolving or falling apart is purely up to individual perception. In the eyes of Melbourne label GRHYME Productions, it isn’t necessary to dig up the soil and rip apart the foundations of the artform that many pioneers toiled over in order to produce something ‘new’. Improving on something organic doesn’t always require synthesizing it.

In almost any culture, hip hop became relevant through lyrics with clever wordplay, metaphorical language and social and political commentary over production that forced your head to nod. This was often pieced together with samples from various genres of music, borrowed from completely different time periods – almost like a musical tour through time. It wasn’t just a shiny object designed to distract the average simpleton.

Sinergy Crew’s debut album ‘Sin City’ was delivered like a kick to the head. The labels second release from Broken Aesthetiks entitled ‘Broke’ is about to push new boundaries. Collaborative project Associated Illness are preparing to keep this progression moving. All acts live performances won’t allow you to sit in the corner or stand at the back of room. Crowds are forced to mirror their artists message – stand up and get involved. So if you’re tired of gimmicks being passed off as innovation, get on board for the ride.