Royalz & Ol Scoobs – Unfinished Business


A word of much conejcture in hip hop circles across the world, especially our local scene. To some it is everything, to some it is a lazy resort when you have no genuine flow or technical ability.

Enter Ol’ Scoobs.

Opposites aren’t meant to attract. Positive and negative fields are supposed to divide. Fucking magnets, how do they work?

Grhyme Productions has found a way to harness both swag and flow into one cohesive unit, and unleash it upon the masses. Many will be familiar with Scoobs engaging live performances with D.B.O (Dodgy Backyard Operations) over the years. On this free release his smooth musings are layered over Royalz soundscapes of Sinergy Crew/Associated Illness fame.

The Unfinished Business mixtape is a collection of Scoobs’ verses over the last few years that have been painstakingly carved up and arranged with Ginsu-like precision by Royalz, over in house production.

Whether your at a house party or a casual barby, this is the mixtape for summer.

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