Royalz – Man Vs Maschine Vol 1

Singularity. The point where the line between man and machine becomes blurred and undefined. The laws of time are no longer relevant, and what is old becomes new. We have long thought that eventually time will get us all, and no amount of clawing and scratching can allow us to catch up in that race. Of all music genres to grace the Earth, none has done more to buck that trend than hip hop. Age old samples and instrumentation can be acclimatised to present day tastes, and entire tracks can be tweaked and reworked into something that inspires a completely different set of emotions.

Grhyme Productions’ button bashing, loop twisting, and sample snaring beatmaker Royalz woke up one morning and opened the factory door. Staring back at him where greasy containers holding dirty violins, filthy drum loops and dusty piano rolls. In a time past, it may have been time for a cleanout. But this is the future. It was time to remanufacture.

Melting down verses from emcees around the country and fusing them together with reworked production that never made it on to a prior release, Man Vs. Maschine is a musical version of an assembly line at a recycling plant. Old and new, classic and modern, archaic and futuristic. Some say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. They clearly don’t believe in evolution.

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