Royalz – Mack Music OUT NOW!

Chocolate. Diamonds. Barry White.

Traditionally, the world’s most effective panty dropping sidekicks came at a hefty price and still required much padding with expensive dinners, long walks on the beach, and satin sheets.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

After the invention of Viagra, experts around the world have been tirelessly working towards a female equivalent. Most experts expected the solution to come out of scientific havens like Switzerland and Holland, and that the affordability of such a powerful drug would most certainly still be a burning question.

None expected the solution to be found in Box Hill. For free.

Grhyme Productions laboratory may not be sophisticated, or well funded. Or sanitary for that matter. But the solution has been found by Dr. Royalz not through any form of synthetic drug, or surgical implant. His revolutionary methods meant that through the compilation of numerous sounds and auditory arrangements, initial testing found female subjects were immediately sent in to a hypnotic trance that in most cases contained symptoms of uncontainable arousal and the loss of most, if not all, articles of clothing. (There were isolated cases of spontaneous combustion, but for legal reasons we are unable to elaborate on this)

Wake up this Christmas morning with an empty sack for once.

No prescription necessary.

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